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  C R I T E R I A

A Washington, D.C.-based internship provides valuable experience in areas such as public service, law, media, and information technology. There are few paid internship opportunities in the nation's capital. The NHSS is addressing this need by providing a modest amount of financial assistance to an individual(s) who wants to develop his or her interests and leadership skills.

The NHSS is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization located in Washington, D.C. that is committed to providing our members with the opportunity to meet others from the Granite State and be involved in charitable and educational activities primarily for the benefit of New Hampshire and its residents.


Completed application packages must be postmarked by the following dates to be considered for applicable stipends:
  • Spring stipend: December 15
  • Summer stipend: June 15
  • Fall stipend: September 15

Please send completed applications to: The New Hampshire State Society, P.O. Box 1904, Washington, D.C. 20013


A prospective recipient must:

· have been born in or be a legal resident of New Hampshire for at least three years, or have at least one parent who was born in New Hampshire or was a legal resident for at least three years, or be attending an accredited New Hampshire four-year college or university.

· at a minimum, have completed his or her sophomore year in college by the time of the internship at a four-year degree-granting, non-profit institution of higher learning, which must be listed as fully accredited in the latest edition of Accredited Institutions published by the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation. Only current students or college seniors interning in their final semester of school are eligible to apply.

· have maintained at least a 2.5 grade point average without incompletes while in college.

· negotiate his or her own internship. College credit for the internship is encouraged, but not required. The internship may be full- or part- time.

College students of any major and discipline are eligible and encouraged to apply. Internships may be with a Member of Congress, a Congressional Committee, a Federal or District of Columbia agency, the courts, or the private sector. The internship must be located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. High school seniors or students that have not completed their sophomore year in college by the time of their internship are not eligible and should not apply for this stipend.

Members of the NHSS Board of Directors and their immediate family members are not eligible to apply.


A prospective applicant must provide the following information:

· proof of internship (e.g., a letter from the prospective employer), including the location and time period of the internship, as well as the name and telephone number of the supervisor who can confirm the internship.

· a completed application form

· a current resume

· one letter of recommendation

· a copy of your college transcript

· a cover letter stating your interest in being considered for the stipend award.

· one essay selected from one the following topics. The essay must be typed, double-spaced, and have a 200 word minimum:

  • What qualities distinguish you as a leader? Describe a time when you did your very best as a leader of others.
  • What does New Hampshire mean to you?
  • How will your internship assist you achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals?


The Application Form and Instructions for the stipend can be obtained from the NHSS.

The NHSS Education Committee will promptly acknowledge receipt of applications in writing as they are received, and will identify to the applicant any outstanding items necessary to complete the application package.

Once the application deadline expires, the NHSS Education Committee will review all applications for completeness. Recipients whose applications are deemed complete at that time will be considered for a stipend.

The NHSS Education Committee may choose to interview applicants in person or by telephone. The number of recipients and the stipend award will depend on the quality of the applications and the funds available. Stipend awards may range from $500.00 to $2,000.00 and may vary from year to year.

The NHSS Education Committee will recommend a recipient(s) based on merit and forward the recommendation(s) to NHSS Board of Directors for approval.

Prospective recipients will receive notice of the Board's decision within two to three weeks after the deadline for application has passed.

Prospective recipients who are not selected for the stipend may reapply in subsequent years but individuals are eligible to receive only one stipend from this program.


Stipend recipient(s) will be selected based on the quality of the application, the sincerity of the essay, demonstrated leadership skills, and academic excellence.



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